Why we do what we do (and how to change this if it’s negative)

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Did you ever think on why we do what we do? I mean… did you ever ask yourself why you think what you think and why based on those thoughts you take action?

In my eyes it’s important and especially when we do negative things like criticizing, judging, ridiculing and even something worse like for example murdering.

Every action that we take has its reason, right? So why we do what we do? Why we do so many negative things to ourselves and to other people? Why we hurt ourselves and other people?

Did you ever think about that?

And what is more important… did you ever wanted to know how to change it?

I’m not saying that you are bad person. I’m not saying that anyone is bad. I’m just saying that we all do negative things and in fast majority we just don’t know why.

Good news is that there are people who know that and one of these people is Rober Gene Smith who talks about this topic in the video below…

Seriously, What are You Doing to yourself? What are you doing IN YOUR MIND?

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My understanding of this subject is pretty simple…

Every thought and every action is based on what we hold in our subconscious and because of that and in most cases we aren’t aware of what is the real cause of why we do what we do.

In other words, for most of the time we are in trans where most of our thoughts and actions that we take are automatic and they are based on subconscious programming.

What is subconscious programming?

For me it’s all the instructions and memories that our subconscious mind hold and these instructions and memories are based on what we heard, saw and experienced in our life and most of them were created when we were children.

So the good news is that if we do something negative to ourselves and to other people then we can change this and here’s the very first step to do this.

I hope that this blog post will be valuable for you and if it will then share it with other people and leave your thoughts in comments below.


Michael Kidzinski