What you really need to know to lose weight (New Year’s resolution)

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New Year’s resolutions – it’s something we all know about and what we create when New Year comes and they usually concern things like:

– losing weight
– improving financial situation
– our relationships
– our development

In other words we all want to improve our lives because we all want to make positive changes but on the other hand and in most cases we don’t really make these changes.


Well, in my eyes and after reading many books and listening many audios and watching many videos with people like Joe Vitale or Robert Gene Smith I know that it’s all about subconscious beliefs and if these beliefs are in opposite to what we want to achieve (for example New Year’s resolutions) then these beliefs will always win.

In this post we talk about losing weight and if you are someone who wants to lose wight thie year then the very first thing you need to understand is that…

…overweight is a result and success.

Yes. I know that it may sound weird but when we understand that every result in our life is determined by our subconscious beliefs then we also understand that every result – positive and negative – is created based on speific believe and it’s always a success.

So, if you have overweight problem and want to solve it, the very first thing you need to do is working on your beliefs because dieting and going to the gym can help you feel fit and healthy but it won’t solve your problem in it’s source.

No, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t eat helathy and go to the gym. I’m just saying that you can lose weight and stay slim when you work on your mind in the first place and when it comes to losing weight this information may be very helpfull.

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I hope that this information makes sense to you and that it will help you lose weight or solve any other problem because as you already know, every problem in our life is created based on what we hold in mind so changing beliefs is the very first step to change results and solve any problem.

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Michael Kidziński