The Secret To “The Secret” That Isn’t In “The Secret”

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There’s a chance that you watched movie “The Secret” and – in general – you do like this movie or you don’t.

Now, I don’t want to tell here anything negative about this movie because I like it. In fact this movie was \one of the main reasons why I started to learn more on what impact on the quality of life has what we hold in our mind.

For me “The Secret” is a kind of ladder step to better understanding on how to improve our lives. Yes, I agree that there’s a lack of very important information in this movie but I still like it because without this film, I could never learn many very valuable things.

OK, so what is the secret to “The Secret” that isn’t in this movie?

I believe that one of the best answers is in this video…

The Smarts behind changing memories, Law of Attraction and betting a better life

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For me the secret is letting go of all the beliefs that don’t serve us and thanks to this making place to something that will help us improve our life and solve our problems because as you could hear, we hold in our minds a lof of stuff that looks real (subconscious beliefs) but it’s not truth.

The truth is that this is something that we believed in and we can change these beliefs into something positive. The importance of this is pretty simple: every thoughts and action is determined by subconscious beliefs so the very first thing to change our results in life is working on these beliefs and in this online training you can find out how to do this.

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Michael Kidziński

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