Roots of weeds, negative memories and quality of life – what do they have in common

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What roots of weeds, negative memories and quality of life have in common?

On first glance nothing, right?

But let’s think about garden where you want to have beautiful flowers, juicy fruits and delicious vegetables …

The problem is that in this garden are a lot of weeds.

So, the very first step in order to create the garden of your dreams, is to get rid of these weeds.

You do what needs to be done to get rid of them but after a while you see that all these weeds start to grow again and it’s hard to plant anything.

Now, let’s talk about quality of your life…

I’m sure that you want your life to be like beautiful garden, right?

The thing is that there are problems that you want to solve but for some reason some of these problems come back over and over again.

You do what you can but these problems (weeds) come back.

Now, when it comes to weeds in the garden, it’s crucial to not only get rid of what you see above the ground but also what is under the ground – the roots.

In other words…

…weeds are “only” results of the roots.


…when it comes to problems in our life, they are “only” results of the roots which are negative memories, recorded in our subconscious.

So, in order to have beautiful garden, roots of the weeds need to be replace by roots of the flowers, fruits and vegetables.

And in order to have beautiful life, the roots of the problems (negative memories) need to be replace by the roots of positive results (positive memories).

How this ca be done?

In the video below you’ll find this out…

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This analogy between roots of weeds and negative memories and their impact on the quality of life is in my eyes very helpful to understand what needs to be done in order to improve life.

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Michael Kidziński

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