How To Solve Money Issues Once And For All

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There’s no secret that most of the people struggle when it comes to money and all these people try to find a solution to solve this problem.

The thing here is that in most cases we look for “external” solutions like businesses or investments but the thing here is that there isn’t a business or an investment that can help solve money issues in the first place.

It’s like with car racing…

Let’s say that you have the best supercar in the world.

My question is this: Will you win every car race? Is it guaranteed because of your supercar?

No because this supercar is not enough. The missing element is you and your skills.

In “money field” this supercar can be great business or investment opportunity and as you can see, to succeed with them, you have to be the right person.

I don’t know about you but I heard a lot of times that in order to earn a lof of money, it’s important to be in the right place and at the right time and yes, it’s true but there’s a lack of one part: “be the right person”.

In other words, great opportunities can be used only by people who have the right skills and the right mindset.

I have to admit that I also thought something like: “If I could only find the right business or investment possibility then I could make more money…” but the truth is that our results in life (also when it comes to money) are determined in first place by something else.

Joe Vitale  was the first person from who I learned that…

Every Result In Life Is Created Based On What I Hold In My Mind

And to be more specific, I talk about subconscious mind – place where everything that I heard, saw and experienced is recorded and what is also used to protect me from negative circumstances.

And if we talk about money, most of us, people, have very similar thoughts around this topic like:

  • money is the root of all evil
  • money is dirty
  • rich people are bad
  • selling is bad
  • entrepreneurship is bad
  • etc.

The thing here is that our mind use these beliefs to protect us frome danger and based on them we make decision and take action. This is why a lot of the people struggle with money in the first place – negative beliefs.

Next person from who I learned a lot about subconscious mind and how we create results in life is Robert Gene Smith, creator of FasterEFT method.

In one of his videos he said something that in my eyes is crucial when it comes to making money. He said that not making the amount of money that we want can be also linked to low self-esteem.

In other words, if we think that we aren’t good enough, or not worthy to be happy and successful in whatever are of life, then it can be also a reason because of we experience money issues.

In the video below Robert Gene Smith talks more about beliefs around money which determined negative results in this area…

Solve Money issues once and for All with Robert G. Smith

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Now, the thing here is that it’s pretty simple to find out if our beliefs about money are positive or negative because our results in this field tell everything so if your results are negative then it’s obvious that you have to work on your beliefs and about this step you can learn in the video below…

How do I address my money issues? Robert Smith describes how to use Faster EFT

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You can say that all the information above is a theory but don’t worry. If you want to see how to change negative beliefs about money, then you can do this in this video below…

How to solve money problems. Tina’s success story

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OK, so now when you know that:

  • your results with money are determined in the first place by your subconscious beliefs
  • you can change your beliefs and thanks to that change your results
  • great way to change beliefs is FasterEFT and it works

it’s time to find out…

How to make more money with Faster EFT and the secret to abundance

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I hope that all all the information from this blog post will help you with money. Please also keep in mind that you can use this knowledge to solve other problems (to learn more about FasterEFT, go here).

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Michael Kidziński