How To Make Affirmations Work

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Most people think that affirmations are words and that by saying something over and over again the reality which is described by specific words will eventually become their truth but the thing is that affirmations aren’t only words.

Affirmations are what you do within you.

What does it mean? I believe that you’ll get one of the best answers in the video below…

How to Make Affirmations Work- FasterEFT Technique

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There’s something I want to add here…

One of the very important things about repeating specific (and positive) words is that no amount of repetition will change anything if a core belief in the subconscious “proves” the affirmation is not true.

In other words, if on a subconscious level you believe in something opposite to your conscious affirmations, subconscious beliefs will always win and this is the reason to learn more on how yout mind works and how to properly use affirmations.

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