How To Grow Online Business Without Spending Money On Advertising

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Before we dive into this subject which is growing online business without spending money on advertising, I have explain one thing…

Spending money on advertising isn’t wrong – in fact it is THE FASTEST way to start getting results online (but there’s no guarantee, of course) because as soon as advertise is visible online, people click it and go to your website.

So yes, paid traffic can give results immediately.

But what if someone don’t have a budget to pay for traffic (and a lot of times this is the main problem with people who want to build their online businesses)?

Is there a way to get traffic for free?

Well, if we talk “free” in terms of “not paying money” then yes, there’s a way but you have to keep in mind that in the end there is nothing for free because your time and efforts are valuable.

OK, but how to get traffic without spending money on ads? How to attract potential customers to what we want to offer?

What you are about to learn here is a method that can give you traffic for weeks, months or even years.

Yes, once work done can give you results for weeks, months or even years.

Do you want to know how you can do this? If yes, then in the next 45 minutes Sebastian Beja will explain everything in details.

But before you do that, you probably want to know…

Who is Sebastian Beja?

Here are some information about him (from his website):

He is obsessed with: finding patterns, making online business grow and teach others how to do it and helping parents connect and be present with their kids.

He grew up in Mexico with his sister and mother and saw how challenging it was for single moms to own a business at the same time raise a family. So, inspired by his mome’s dilligence and courage, he began studying how business grow using internet.

By understanding and laveraging search optimisation strategies, he began growin various online businesses, ultimately leading him to the #1 personal growth company in the world, Mindvalley – where the tea used certain key strategies to grow organic traffic by more than 1000% in less than a year and add 250k subscriberts in six months in YouTube.

Sebastian gotten the possibility to share the stage with Richard Branson, Jeremy Gustach and Jack Andraka in Mexico which was beyond amazing. Lastly, he believes that to succeed in marketing today, you need to stop boring 97% of the time and instead be amzing 3% of the time.

OK, so now when you know who is Sebastian Beja, it’s time to click PLAY button and spend with him next 45 minutes ūüôā

How To Grow Your Business Without Spending Money On Advertising – Sebastian Beja

Here’s what you’ll learn from this video:

04:30 Sebastian’s journey of becoming the Head of Growth at Mindvalley
08:28 Reason why free traffic is more powerful than paid search
09:16 How Sebastian got into Mindvalley
11:27 How Mindvalley’s organic search grows 10 times in less than 7 months
13:37 3 principles to rank better in Google search
15:46 5 Shocking search engine facts
19:42 3 Myths about Free Traffic / SEO
21:17 2 Research techniques for getting ahead in organic search
23:33 4 techniques to optimise your contents
26:02 3 steps to follow while making contents for better organic reach
27:39 Reason why video is so important for Marketers
28:48 3 principles to rank better on YouTube
29:10 2 Tag research techniques for YouTube
33:07 4 content optimisation techniques to rank higher in YouTube
33:42 3 ways of creating better YouTube contents for more organic reach
36:29 Recap – Getting more organic reach on YouTube search
39:46 Q/A With Audience
40:41 Q1: What kind of keyword density do you shoot for with your content?
41:49 When is the good time to start SEO for your business?
42:57 What is your strategy of getting incoming links to Mindvalley?
43:14 Do you also use Yoast plugin for WordPress?
43:30 What is the best place to put the articles?
45:08 Does the same SEO principles work on other CMS sites apart from WordPress?

Resources Mentioned in Video

Sebastian mentioned in his presentation about tools that may help you create good content for your potential customers.

Here they are: – for competition – for keywords (text content) – for tags and research (video content) – to find out what people search for

OK, so now when you know what you should do to grow your online business without spending money on adverstising, it’s time to remind that…

Yes, It Takes Time

Yes, one of the most important thing when it comes to growing a business without spending money on ads is that it takes time.

No, I won’t say you the exact amount of time but what I know – and what also Sebastian shared in the video above – it just takes time.

But there’s something more to keep in mind…

Every piece of created content in form of text or video is like a single salesman who can work 24 hours a day and bring new people to a website and creating this content according to what you learned in the video above, increases the chance to get positive results.

One More Thing About Results In (Online) Business

There’s something very important that I learned when it comes to getting results in life and in any field. Here it is:

Every result is a success and even if this result isn’t positive.

Why? Well, it’s because everything what we experience in life is determined by what we hold in our mind and to be more specific – in subconscious mind.

In other words…

Subconscious Data -> Thoughts -> Decisions -> Actions -> Results

If you ask yourself “what does it have in common with online business?” then think for a moment about this: How many people succeed in life and in business? Majority or minority?

You see, people who achieve great results have different mindset than people who struggle in life and in business. In other words, successful people have different data in their subconscious mind about themselves, business and money.

This is the reason why it’s crucial to work on subconscious programming while building a business.


Well, here are two people who can help you (yes, there are more but I wanted to mention these two people in this blog post):

Robert Gene Smith – founder of Eutsptics/Faster EFT who not only explain how your mind works but also show you how to change the data which need to be changed in order to solve problems and get better results.

Christie Marie Sheldon – this woman worked with over 30.000 people one-on-one and helped them get rid of their abundance blocks and change their lifes.

That’s it. I hope that what I shared in this blog post, will help you as much as possible to not only build profitable online business but also change your personal and professional life.

If you think that what I shared here is valuable then feel free to share this blog post with other people and leave your thoughts in comments below.

Michael KidziŇĄski