How to deal with negative people

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Before I’ll share with you on how to deal with negative people let me clarify something…

By saying “negative people” I’m not thinking about people who are worse than “positive people”. I’m thinking about people who have negative mindset which is build from birthday.

What I try to say is that based on what we hear, see and experience, our mind builds specific way of thinking and it can be negative.

Important thing here, is that spending time with people who have negative way of thinking about everything may affect us. It’s like a virus so we don’t even know when we can also start think negative so it’s important to know…

How to deal with negative people

In the video below I shared 4-step process to do this and I hope that it will be helpful for you 🙂

There’s one thing I want to add here…

Regardless of if we talk about negative or positive results in life, they all have the same source, which is our mind and they all are successes.

Yes, everything what we call “negative result” is a success and right here ou can find out why: Why every problem and failure is a success.

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