How to deal with criticism, judgements, and bullies

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I think that nobody likes to be criticized, judged and bullied but it can happen to anyone and it’s not easy to deal with that kind of situations.

At least not for everyone because I know people who don’t worry when someone criticize them or judge them but for a lot of people it’s a problem.

Good news is that this problem can be solved and in the video below you can learn about one of the way to do this.

How to deal with criticism, judgements, and bullies with Faster EFT

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For me the most important things that I learned from the video above (but not only from it) is that we all have our own beliefs and experiences and based on them we think, talk and take action.

So if someone criticize or judge then the very first thing that can help deal with it is knowing that this person does it based on its experiences and beliefs.

Second thing that is very important, is our reaction because the only thing that we can do about being criticized and judged is how we react and if our reaction is negative then we can change it.

We can’t change people and their actions but we can change how we react to negative situations and one of ways is Faster EFT about which you can learn more here.

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