How to attract the life of your dreams – interview with Joe Vitale

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One of the main reasons because of I decided to share here interview with Joe Vitale is that he’s my favourite author and expert when it comes to internet marketing and personal development.

Now, I’m not saying that you’ll also love him or that you will like his way of thinking about life. It’s not the point here.

The purpose of this blog is sharing everything what can help people improve their lives and for me everything what Joe Vitale shares is very valuable.

Will it be valuable also for you? The only way to find this out is by watching the video below.

How to attract the life of your dreams – interview with Joe Vitale

As you saw, Joe Vitale struggled in life. He has many problems but what he understand and what I learned from him and thanks to his books, is that everything, every result (positive or negative) is determined by subconscious beliefs.

In other words, our reality is based on what we believed in on a subconscious level and Joe Vitale is someone who proved this because today he’s a millionaire who wrote many bestellers, created many online courses and in general, who is successful enterpreneur.

How it’s possible? How a homeless man became a millionaire?

The very first thing is understanding how our mind works and using this knowledge to change beliefs.

Now, I’m not saying, that when we change our limiting beliefs into positive, then suddenly everything will change just by itself. I’m just saying that changing beliefs is crucial when it comes to changing the results that we have in life.


I believe that this is the best answer:

So yes, after getting rid of limiting beliefs, we still have to take action but as you can see, this action will be different when our beliefs are changed.

As I mentioned, I’ve read many book by Joe Vitale but for me and when it comes to limiting beliefs, the best ones are “The Key” and “Zero Limits” in which he shares how our limiting beliefs work and how we can get rid of them.

At the end I just wanted to add one more thing…

Joe Vitale is in my eyes someone who experienced a lot in life and who can also teach everyone who wants to on how to attract the life of dreams.

I don’t know if you’ll want to learn from him but regardless of your decision I wish you all the best and achieving whatever you want to achieve in your life and becoming whoever you want to become.

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