Here’s why you experience what you don’t want (and how you can change it)

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Did you ever want to find out why we experience things that we don’t really want in life?

Because, let’s face it… No one wants negative things happen in his or her life and from logical point of view, it doesn’t make sense when something bad happens in our lives, right?

But it happens and in my eyes it’s important to find out why because understanding this allows to make a change and to start experiencing positive things.

When it comes to me, I tried to find answer for “Why negative things happen in my life?” question for many years and eventually I found it.

I found the very first thing that determines all the results that we get in our life and I mean negative and positive ones.

But not only that…

I also found someone who can teach maybe also you how you can change what you experience in your life from negative to positive things.

His name is Robert Gene Smith and in the video below he talks about…

Why You Experience Negativity In Life

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There’s something more I wanted to share in this blog post. Something that everyone can do right now to start experiencing more positive thing in life. Something that is very simple.

Are you ready? OK, here’s this thing…


Start Your Happy Journal

To find out what it is and why it’s important to do this, watch this video…

For me what Robert teaches is very powerful and also simple (but not necessary easy) way to improve life and regardless of what we want to improve.

Why? Well, for me the reason is very simple:

The way how we see the world and what kind of results we get in life, is based on what we hold in our minds so the very first step to really change anything is making changes in the mind.

And Faster EFT is a technique that is proven and that already helped many people on all over the world. Here are “some” testimonials…

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I hope that you get value from this blog post and if yes then share this with other people and leave your thoughts in comments below.


Michael Kidziński