Here’s what true wealth really is

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What do you think when you hear word “wealth”? In most cases we think about a lot of money and stuff that we can buy thanks to money, right?

The thing here is that it’s not true wealth. No, I’m not saying that material part of our life is not important. I’m not saying that money is not important.

In fact I think that money is very important but it’s not more important than health, happiness and relationship with other people.

So, how do you think? What true wealth really is?

In the video below Robert Smith, founder of FasterEFT method talks about this and for me this is one of the best answers for this question.

True wealth is a mixture of Emotional Health and a healthy Bank Balance

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What do you think about this information? Do you agree or not with Robert Smith? Feel free to leave your thoughts below and share this post with others if you think it’s valuable.


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