Here’s How You Can Make Law of Attraction Work For You

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You probably know movie “The Secret” and you probably have your opinion about it. What I also know is that some people hate this movie and some love it. The next thing is that in my eyes there’s something missing in it.

You see, after few years of watching videos and reading books about Law of Attraction (LOA) I learned that what we attract is NOT what we consciously think about.

In other words, if we consciously want to attract something, it doesn’t mean that we will attract it.


Because there’s a big chance that we hold something on a subconscious level that is in opposite to what we consciously want to have.

And you know what? You can find out if you hold something positive or negative in your subconscious. It’s easy. Just look at what you already attracted to you life in every area of it.

If it’s positive, then your subconscious beliefs about this area of your life are positive. If not then you hold some negative beliefs.

The thing here is that subconscious beliefs will always win with conscious intentions.

One of the greatest examples of what I shared here are…

New Year’s resolutions

Some of us wants to quit smoking, lose weight, start a business, etc. but in most cases we don’t take action.

The question here is: Why?

Why we don’t take action to improve our lives? Why we don’t do what we know that we should do?

Conscious intentions vs. subconscious beliefs – this is the answer. We may have very positive intentions but if we hold subconscious beliefs that are in opposite to them then nothing will happen.

What I try to say is that Law of Attraction works all the time and we all attract what we hold in our minds but on a subconscious level. For this reason the very first thing to make Law of Attraction work for us is…

… watch the video below to find this out…

Here’s How You Can Make Law of Attraction Work For You

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For me this is one of the best explanation on how Law of Attraction works and what we all can do in order to get rid of subconscious negative and limiting beliefs or – if you wish – how to change negative into positive ones.

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