Here’s How You Can Boost Your SELF-ESTEEM

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“You are great.”, “You are so inteligent.”, “You are handsome.”, “You are very wise.”…

What would be your reaction on these positive statements about you? What would you think? Would you agree or disagree?

Did you also notice that regardless of your reaction, thoughts start to appear automatically?

What I found is that a lot of the people (including me) don’t react in a positive way on that kind of statements. They can think or say: “Thank you but you know… I’m not so great.” or “Well, I don’t think about myself as inteligent person…”.

How do you think? Why is that? Why so many of us have low self-esteem?

I believe that in the video below you’ll get one of the best answers…

HOW TO BOOST YOUR SELF-ESTEEM and gain self value with Faster EFT tapping

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How we think about ourselves impact every area of our life and as you can see, everything what we think about ourselves is based on what we hold in our mind. Everything what we heard, saw and experienced when we were children can impact our whole life.

Good news is that we all can boost our self-esteem and one of the ways to do that is tapping, about which you can learn more here:

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