Here’s How To Make NEW YEAR Better

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One of the common things before New Year begins are New Year’s resolutions.

What I mean by that is that mos of us want to improve our lifes from the first day of New Year thanks to…

…improving relationships with family and friends…

…losing weight…

…stop smoking and drinking alcohol…

…better management and improving finances…


All these intentions are really good and postivie but for some reason and in most cases we don’t really achieve what we want to achieve.


Well, in my eyes and after studying a lot of information, it’s because what we hold on a subconscious level of mind is in opposite to these conscious intentions.

And when it comes to confrontation between subconscious and conscious mind, the first one will always win.

But don’t get me wrong. Subconscious mind doesn’t want something bad for us. It’s created to keep us alive and based on what it recorded from the day we were birth.

For this reason and if we struggle to make New Year’s resolutions our reality, the very first step is to change the data in subconscious mind.

Sounds simple and it really is simple (but it’s not easy) and if you want to find out how you can to this then go here.

Second thing that is important in order to make New Year better is dealing with negative things that can happen and about this topic you can learn more in the video below…

How to make any NEW YEAR better – Robert G. Smith shares his experiences

Click here if you want to learn more about Faster EFT and how this technique can help you improve your life

I hope that what you learned here will help you make New Year better or even the best year in your life.

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Michael Kidziński