Do you feel that you’re screwed up and fail in everything you do? Here’s why and how to change this

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In one of my blog post I wrote that every problem (and failure) is a success. Yes, it may sound weird but when you realize how your mind works then everything makes sense.

The thing here is that everything what we create in life and what we attract is determined by what we hold in our subconscious mind. For this reason and in most cases we can’t understand why we fail while others succeed in the same field.

One of the things that affects many people is the feeling of being screwed up and failing in everything.

How do you think? Why someone thinks like this? Why one person feel that he’s screwed up while other person is confident and successful in everything he does?

In the video below you’ll get the answer…

Why you’re screw up, the black sheep, can’t lose weight, broken, and why you’re still sick

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One of the very important things here and in my eyes is that most of the programming, based on which we think and take action when we’re adults is creating while we are children and for this reason we don’t remember most of this stuff.

In other words, we are hypnotized and react to specific circumstances automatically and in accordance with what memories have been recorded in the subconscious.

Good news is that we can change what we hold in our mind. One of the ways to do this is by letting go and this is the main thing in FasterEFT method about which you can learn more here:

I hope that what you learned here will help you improve your life and if you feel screwed up fail in everything you do then I believe that using this information will help you change this.

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Michael Kidziński