Do You Feel Like A Failure? Here’s Why And How You Can Change This

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In one of the blog posts I shared video with Marisa Peer where she talks about the biggest disease affecting humanity (you can watch this video here).

This disease is that we all feel not enough.

Yes, every person on a different level but this applies to everyone.

Now, the thing here is that it’s not true but for some reason we believe in it and based on this belief we think, decide and take (or don’t) action.

So, how do you think? Why is that?

Why we feel not enough? Why we feel like a failure? Why we feel that we don’t deserve all the good things in life?

For me one of the best answers is in the video below where Robert Gene Smith – founder of Eutaptics/Faster EFT talks about this topic.

Why Do I Feel Like A Failure? The Truth about Life with FasterEFT

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As you can see, everything what we feel and what we experience is based on the data that we hold in subconscious mind.

The next thing is that this data can be changed so feeling of being not enough or feeling like a failure can be changed and Eutaptics/Faster EFT is one of the way to do this.

I hope that what you learned in this blog post will help you improve your life and feel that you are enough.

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Michael Kidziński