About Me

If you are someone who looks fo ways to improve your life then you probably found the right place.

It’s because I do my best to share on this blog everything what may help you achieve whatever you want to achieve and solve problems that you have.

But before I share with you something that may help you, let me answer this question:

Who is Michael Kidziński

I am a man who loves to learn new things about everything what may help me become someone better than I was yesterday and everything what I learned I share here, on this blog.

You see, for some reason I started to read personal development books when I was teenager and today I understand this reason. Every book that I’ve read and every video that I watched prepared me to understand one of the most important things which is this:

Our reality, problems, failures and successes are determined by what we have in our minds.

To be more specific, everything what we have in our subconscious mind determines our thoughts, emotions and actions and this is the may reason why understanding how our mind works is the first step to improve life in any aspect.

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Based on this I do my best to share everything what helps me get rid of negative and limiting subconscious beliefs because I know that this may help me notice all the possibilities to improve my life and hopefully improve your life.


The very last thing I want is treating me as someone better than anybody. I’m not any better than you or anyone else. In fact I believe that every single person that I meet in my life is better than me in at least one thing.

So yes, you are better than me in something but at the end of the day what matters the most is that we all can become better that we were yesterday only because we’ve met here, on this blog – you thanks to information that I share here and I thanks to your comments 🙂

What I try to say it that I am normal person who…

…has twin brother…


… is married and has little son born in 2017…


…loves dogs.


So now you know a little bit about me and the reason because I’ve created this blog. I just want to share everything what can help you improve your life and…

…this is the very first step to do this.

I hope that you’ll get as much benefits thanks to the information that you’ll get here.


Michael Kidziński