3 ways to make positive impact on life while being at home (not only during qurantine)

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The time I’m writing this article is the quarantine period caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus.

I don’t have the slightest intention to comment on this topic alone, because there is a lot of information on the Internet. In addition, the purpose of this article is different.

Quarantine is the time when we need to be at home and leave it only when it’s necessary.

This, in turn, means a huge change in the lives of most of us, because every day most of us leave home for school, work or to run our own business and we don’t get back home until the afternoon or evening.

Now, when we are at home, we spend time differently and with our loved ones and among others this change may be associated with the appearance of various emotions.

However, while the emergence of positive emotions in connection with the situation is most desirable, it cannot be ruled out that negative emotions may appear in many homes.

One of the reasons for this may be stress and fear of the future, because in fact none of us knows how long this situation will last and what will be its final effects.

Before proceeding, I would like to point out that the use of the information presented here is not reserved for quarantine only.

However, being at home longer than usual, each of us is more likely to find some time to do something good for ourselves.

I’m talking here about a positive impact on the quality of our lives, and more specifically about the fact that each of us now has a better chance to better understand ourselves, problems that arise in life, and to use ways to deal with them.

This is what I want to share in this post, pointing out that what I’m talking about here are not all possible ways or all available knowledge on this subject.

So let’s start with the first way …

# 1. Changing memories as the first step to changing the way of thinking and quality of life

Each of us and without exception is like a “monkey in a trance”.

It means that for the most part every day we react to what is happening around us automatically and in accordance with memories (data) stored in the subconscious.

In other words …

… when something happens in our lives, our reaction is automatic, which creates positive or negative emotions in us.

While in the case of the positive ones everything is most okay, in the case of negative emotions, it’s worth doing something about it.


Stress and the accompanying negative emotions affect our health and thus our lives.

So the more of these negative emotions and reactions (which happen automatically) the worse for our health and other spheres of life.

It’s important at this point to realize that we usually do not remember these saved memories, because many of them took place in childhood.

Still, they have a key impact on how our lives look in every area.

Robert Gene Smith is a person who knows the subject perfectly and has helped thousands of people change lives.

Go here to can learn about his method of working with your mind and how to use it in order to improve your life.

At the link above you will find how the mind works and how you can make changes in it by yourself that will have a positive impact on your life.

Please remember that what your life looks like now is dictated by what data or memories you carry in your mind because it’s according to them that the mind fulfills its main task.

So to make positive changes in life, the first step is to make changes just in the mind and all the rest will “adapt” to new data.

Go here and learn how to reprogram your mind thanks to wich you’ll be able to solve your problems and change your life for the better.

# 2. A way to health, strength and happiness

I believe that each of us should be a healthy, strong and happy person.

For many reasons, however, this is not the case (including data or memories stored on the subconscious level of the mind) but the good news is that this state can be achieved by using, for example, a method that I will talk about in a moment …

You can also use this method in your home.

It was developed by a man who is known all over the world today.

His name is Wim Hof, and in addition to the amazing 26 Guinness records, he has helped many people positively influence their physical and mental health.

The Wim method is based on three pillars (breathing, contact with cold and meditation), which I described here in more detail.

Either way, you can start using this method today.

You can actually do it right now, starting with the breathing exercise that Wim Hof will take you through …

Click here learn more about the Wim Hof method

Wim’s method of working on yourself allows you to positively influence your body and mind. In other words, it allows you to become a healthy, strong and happy person.

# 3. Hands that heal

Wondering whose hands are you talking about?

So look at your hands because that’s about them.

I know it may sound crazy but the B.S.M method based just on keeping your hand in the right place on your head, can have an incredible impact on solving health problems.

I learned about this method from a book (I received it as a gift), whose author is Piotr Lewandowski (I recommend having it if you would like to try it on yourself).

To learn more about this book and method, go here and if you want to buy this book then go here or here.

Its effectiveness is confirmed by people who have come out with more or less serious health problems.

I realize that it can be difficult to believe in its effectiveness, but nothing prevents you to keep your hand on your head and check it on yourself.

Nothing bad can happen but it can become a lot of good 🙂

You can also learn more about the method from the video material below.

Go Here To Learn More About B.S.M. Method

As you can see, the 3 ways to improve your mental and physical health are very simple.

They don’t require any special equipment or conditions.

Anyone who wants to, can use them.

Each of them is different but they have one thing in common …

The effectiveness of each of these methods depends on perseverance and regularity in their application.

Yes, this is not unusual, because achieving positive results in any field requires systematic work.

I mark it, however, because I know from autopsy that sometimes we expect spectacular effects after a single application of a newly learned method or a way of working with myself and on myself.

I can only wish you that the use of even one of the above-mentioned methods would have the most positive impact on the quality of your life 🙂

Michael Kidziński

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