Why Every Problem (And Failure) Is A Success

Every problem and failure is a success?

Sounds weird, right? Well, I have to admit that it was one of the weirdest things that I’ve ever heard but after a while I understood this and I shared why in the video below.

I believe that this information may be very helpfull when it comes to improving life and I hope it will help you in your case…

Why Every Problem (And Failure) Is A Success

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Let me tell you this one more time…

Every single result in our life is based on what we hold in our mind and to be more specific, in our subconscious.

What I try to say is that our subconscious saves everything we hear, see, and experience in life. In fact, and what I also learned is that…

…in every moment our subconscious saves million (!!!) times more bits of information than conscious.

This one fact shows that we aren’t aware of what’s going on and in most of the cases we can’t understand:

– why we struggle in life
– why we fail over and over and over again
– why we have the same problems over and over again

Every result is – like I wrote above – is based on subconscious beliefs and they are like instructions and based on these instructions thoughts appear in our minds and based on that we take specific action.

This is why every result is a success. Yes, this result may be negative for us but it’s always congruent with our subconscious beliefs.

This is also why the very first thing to improve life is understanding how our mind works and use this knowledge to change subconscious beliefs and in this free video you can learn about this.

It doesn’t really matter if we talk about personal life, health, happiness, wealth or relationship because this knowledge can help you in every case.

What do you think? Is this blog post valuable for you? Feel free to leave your thoughts in comments and share this post with others if you think it’s good idea.


Michael Kidzinski

  • Ricardo Ortiz

    Michael, great article and it was helpful. This reminds me of the following idea. If I think negative thoughts I get negative actions or results. Even If I am doing something to change my life if my subconscious thoughts are about failure I will get failure. It it all about changing the origin of where the thought is born not the action.

    • Michael Kidzinski

      Exactly Ricardo. The very first thing to change anything is changing what we hold in our mind and this thing is subconscious beliefs because different beliefs create different thoughts, different thoughts create different actions and different actions create different results.

      Thank you very much for your comment 🙂