5 reasons why you shouldn’t be an entrepreneur according to Robert Kiyosaki

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When it comes to making money in this world, it’s obvious that there  isn’t one and the best for everyone way to do this. Some people prefer to be employees and some to become entrepreneurs.

The next thing here is that none of these groups is better than the other. I’m saying this because sometimes I hear people who think that entrepreneurs are better than people who work for them.

But when we think for a while, it becomes clear that entrepreneurs need employees for their projects. What I try to say is that there’s nothing wrong if someone doesn’t want to be or shouldn’t be an entrepreneur.

Now, before I share here these 5 reasons why maybe also you shouldn’t be an entrepreneur according to Robert Kiyosaki, let’s find out who is entrepreneur.

One of the best definition that I know is this one:

Entrepreneur is someone who solve people’s problems with profit

One of the biggest obstacles for most of the people and according to this definition is time when profit appears because during formal education we learn on how to become employee and we know that employee earns money every single month and based on that it’s hard to understand that entrepreneurs may not generate profit for a longer time than one month.

In my eyes lack of profit guarantee is very important thing to be aware if we want to become entrepreneur.

OK, so when we know that let’s find out what are…

5 reasons why you shouldn’t be an entrepreneur according to Robert Kiyosaki

#1. You don’t have tough skin.

When it comes to entrepreneurship and starting new business, there will be always people who will want to say something negative or criticize you.

It’s normal thing that not everyone will like what you offer or the business model you’re involved in. It’s just the way it is but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t listen people and make conclusions. The thing is to “get punches” and don’t treat them personally.


#2. You don’t want to work all day on your business

There are a lot of stories about people who don’t have to work all days and still earn more in one day than most of the people can earn in one month.

The thing here is that especially at the beginning every entrepreneur has to sacrifice a lot of time, energy and also money to develop a business because being entrepreneur is not about working from 9 to 5 and sometimes it’s improtant to work longer.

The good news here is that there’s a chance that after some time it’s possible to invest 1-4 hours a day to generate very good results.


#3. You need to be praised for your efforts

We all like when someone says something nice about us but when it comes to entrepreneurship it’s not going to happen.

Employees are often praised based on how they work but in the world of business the most important rating that we get is financial results.

In other words, entrepreneurs don’t get ratings every single day based on how great work they did.


#4. You need motivation

It’s related to reason #3 and if you really need motivation from someone then being entrepreneur is not for you. The best motivation for every entrepreneur is vision of who he wants to become and what he wants to achieve.

If you don’t have a vision then no one will motivate you to take action.


#5. You feel comfortable doing one thing

Comfort zone is something that sabotages our efforts to achieve our goals. Everyone has it but entrepreneurs are aware of how important it is to exceed it.

As an employee we very often need to do some concrete things and we feel comfortable when we do them but in business sometimes we need to take different actions and especially at the beginning when we can’t delegate them to other people.


OK, here are these 5 reasons and according to Robert Kiyosaki if you see at least one of them in yourself then becoming entrepreneur is not for you.

No, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be entrepreneur. It means that in order to become entrepreneur, you have to work on something and right now only you know what it is because let’s face it…

…no one is born as an entrepreneur but everyone who really wants to, can become one.

I hope that what you learned here will be helpful and that you will succeed as an entrepreneur if you really want it.

Oh… and if we talk about entrepreneurship and success, here are Robert Kiyosaki’s top 10 rules for success.

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Michael Kidziński

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